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  • by Enrico Baroni

Proper handmade quality

My priority is to celebrate the planet and its wonderful landscapes through photos, to bring nature into your home and, above all, to make you feel happy about the final product and service. 

Settling with average papers and substrates to craft my prints would have spoiled my mission: beautiful photos require top-of-the-line materials to really cast that wow-factor.



Printing products closer to customers is greener, cheaper and faster.

I'm able to ship worldwide quickly and at the most competitive price thanks to hand-picked laboratories throughout Europe, U.S. and Australia. 

Dozens of people work daily in these labs, striving to create for you Fine-Art printing products in a sustainable, ethical way and mitigating the environmental impact.

Every print unites a deep passion for the outdoors with hard craftsmen work, composing most of the production chain. There's a story for each one of the photos, a story made of thousands of traveled miles, of moments of joy and wonder and of the utmost respect for the planet we're proud to live in.




For the standard rolled print, the choice of the photographic paper is what affects most the end result.

Only Hahnemühle® Fine-Art photographic papers are employed, either with a Lustre or Matte finishing according to your taste, but both delivering the highest industry performance in terms of color, contrast and sharpness. 

Delicately textured and pleasant to the touch, prints made with Hahnemühle papers convey a true premium, limited edition feel even to the most unexperienced observer. 

It is no surprise that Hahnemühle papers have been repeatedly awarded on global scale and that are used by museums, gallery owners, artists and photographers of all kind. 

The specific type of used paper is the following one:

- Matte surface: anti-reflection and fingerprint resistant
- Rugged, lightly felt structure 
- Made of heavy 100% cotton rag (308 gsm)



The museum-quality canvas is a result of sustainable cotton farming.

Subtly textured and smooth to the touch, has an intermediate heaviness that guarantees versatility and stretching power together with fierce cracking resistance.  

The canvas is hand stretched over a solid wood backframe to compose one of the most beloved products: the Canvas Wall Art. 



What's better than the scent and feel of quality wood? Maybe it's for that beautiful earthsy feel that these wood-based products are loved so much.

For the Canvas Wall Art solid, knotless, kiln-dried pine wood is used as backframe of the stretched canvas, 38mm thick.

For the wooden stand of the Gallery Board Photo Gift solid oak wood is employed, oiled to provide a premium finish. 

In both cases only solid wood and eco-friendly finishing products are used by skilled craftsmen, guaranteeing an unparalleled authenticity you will feel with your hands. 




One of the most exclusive materials available for wall arts, making for a modern and elegant substrate that retains exceptional color depth and contrast.

Extremely lightweight and durable, is suitable also for outdoor usage.

Aluminum Dibond is a composite material made by two layers of aluminum and a polyethilene layer in between.

Check out the Aluminum Dibond Wall Art here.



Looking for the most unique and eye-catching solution among wall arts? Look no further.

A Fine-Art archival quality print is mounted into a thick panel made of accurately selected and hand-shaped acrylic glass.

Scratch, shatter and UV resistant, the glass preserves untouched the quality of the cased print for many decades.

Check out the Acrylic Glass Wall Art here.





Forex is a sturdy yet lightweight material that makes for a very elegant wall art substrate.

Cheaper than the Acrylic and Aluminum Dibond versions, it still yields amazing performance in terms of color depth and contrast.




The used inks are neo pigment and water-based, thus 100% non-hazardous, toxin-free and vegan friendly.
Read more about the sustainability-centered efforts here.

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