Backstory and mission

  • by Enrico Baroni

More than a simple print shop.

Through photography I strive to convey a deep sense of respect for nature, to inspire people to spend quality time in the outdoors and connect more with our planet.

These are the principles that empower every step of the creative and manufacturing process, and that are harnessed by each and every fine art print of the shop.

My dream is that all of this won't be seen as a mere printing service, but more as a point of reference for all those driven by an unbreakable passion for art, nature, design and beautiful moments. 

To succesfully bring this idea to life a single person's work wouldn't have sufficed, regardless of the amount of fueling passion and drive.

In fact, I gradually brought on board keen and determined people since early 2020, sharing the same beauty-oriented mindset and assisting every step of the manufacturing and delivery process, from the DSLR sensor straight up to your doorstep.



Who's behind the camera?

It's important to know who's behind the scenes of a business to truly connect with it, to be able to tell if it's on our same wavelength and, especially, if it's worth our time and money.

My name is Enrico, I'm a 29 year old landscape & travel photographer from Rome, Italy.

A boundless passion for exploration and discovery made me put an end to a successful automation engineering career.

After many years of study and 2 revolutions around the sun spent in a 9 to 5, I decided to finally comply to that inner lust for adventure.

It definitely wasn't an easy decision: giving up to that comfort that a corporate job gives you initially fills you with loads of anxiety issues and disastrous thoughts about becoming homeless.

Though, as you begin to trust your creative skills and invest resources in it, a different form of comfort slowly arises: you finally feel in the right place, surrounded by the right people and carrying on the right projects you've always dreamed to finalize. 

I won't tell you the same, eye-rolling fairytale about just believing in your dreams to make them true. It takes time, a tremendous amount of work and hundreds of ghosted e-mails to finally gain some clients.

Eventually, though, you'll get there. 


Still kinda sounded like a follow your dreams advertising, didn't it? Damn it!



Read more about the production chain here, and discover how craftsmen work is the pillar upon which the quality of my prints relies.





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